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Pod Juice Non-Salt Nicotine Vape Juice 100ml

Pod Juice Non-Salt Nicotine Vape Juice 100ml

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Unleash a kaleidoscope of flavor with Pod Juice, the undisputed champion of premium vape liquids. Immerse yourself in a staggering array of meticulously crafted concoctions, each a testament to their relentless pursuit of flavor perfection. Whether you crave tropical bursts, decadent desserts, or classic tobacco notes, Pod Juice has a masterpiece waiting to ignite your taste buds.


Capacity: 100ml
3mg, 6mg


Blue Razz Lemonade: A symphony of tart blue raspberry candy and refreshing lemonade. Sweet, tangy, and undeniably nostalgic, it's like biting into a childhood favorite on a hot summer day.

Cotton Clouds: Indulge in fluffy swirls of pure, airy sweetness. This flavor evokes the essence of freshly spun cotton candy, light and delicate on the palate, leaving a trail of pure sugary delight.

Glazed Donut: Fresh from the bakery, this flavor captures the warm, comforting taste of a glazed donut. Imagine the pillowy softness, the sugary glaze coating, and the hint of buttery goodness, all in a cloud of delicious vapor.

Golden Custard: A luxurious treat for your taste buds. Rich, creamy custard infused with warm vanilla notes dances on your tongue, leaving a smooth and decadent finish. This flavor is pure comfort in a vape.

Jewel Mint: An icy blast of invigorating spearmint with a refreshing twist. This flavor offers a clean, cool sensation that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling energized.

Mango Strawberry Dragonfruit: Escape to a tropical paradise with this vibrant blend. Sweet mango mingles with juicy strawberry, and exotic dragonfruit adds a touch of the unexpected. It's a burst of sunshine, perfect for any day.

Sour Fruity Worms: Get ready for a sour blast of fruity goodness. This vape captures the classic candy, with bursts of tangy sweetness and a playful pucker. It's a lip-smacking trip down memory lane in every puff.

Strawberry Apple Watermelon: Savor the taste of a fresh fruit salad in this vibrant mix. Juicy strawberries and crisp apples blend seamlessly with sweet watermelon, offering a delicious and satisfying explosion of flavor..

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